It may sound inconceivable to some, but there are many people in the world who haven’t attended a carnival fair ground before. Most people still live away from towns and cities, which are more popular with carnivals and fairs as they draw more crowds. If you are one of those who haven’t experienced the sights, sounds and smells of a carnival, here is a list of things you can expect, so you’ll know what to expect when one finally rolls into town.
Smell the Buttery Popcorn
Popcorn stands are ubiquitous of carnivals and fairs as that was the only place it was available before the days of instant popcorn available in supermarkets. Every carnival and fair will have a popcorn stand with some even available in flavours like chocolate and strawberry. In addition to popcorn, another carnival favourite is the cotton candy. Cotton candy is all sugar spun into fluffy, pink clouds of delight. Children go crazy for cotton candy, which are not easily available as it needs a special machine to make it. Be warned though: both cotton candy and popcorn have artificial flavourings and colourings to make them appealing so too much consumption can be extremely harmful to your health.
Snap a Picture or Two
Another staple of the carnival fair, a hire photo booth in Perth is a must- do experience at a carnival. For a small amount of money, you can slip inside a curtained booth and take a series of photographs that are immediately developed and come out in a long strip. Older photo booths used Polaroid cameras to give instant photos while modern photo booths are digital and even allow you to see yourself on the screen as you take the picture.
The more advanced will even allow fun filters and accessories before printing out as many strips as you want. The hire photo booth has also developed independently of its carnival legacy, and can be hired today through services to make an appearance at basically any event you want.
Peer Into Your Future
No carnival is complete without the fortune teller’s hut, usually the haunt of an “old crone” with a crystal ball. Carnivals were usually sites that celebrated otherness, so mysticism was very popular as long as it was seen as harmless fun. After paying at the door, you can slip inside the hut or tent and have your palm read or your future revealed in a crystal ball or the dregs of a tea cup. The more skilled “seers” will pick up on visual cues and cold read you, hitting the mark with accurate guesses as to employment, age and love- life status. Play along to hear some bizarre predictions or sometimes, some genuinely wise advice.