A picture, to a photographer, is a replication of real life, a reproduction of a single moment captured on camera at a standstill; highlighting each feature, each element with detailed intricacy to ultimately draw an awe-struck response from each of its viewers.

If a photograph were a woman she would have the most verbose language of intelligent thought paired with an immense attention to detail and a transcendent beauty that beholds any eye that falls upon her.

Each photographer dabbles in different genres of the art before they settle on one or few forms that they feel they are the most in sync with when capturing the world through their eyes. Here’s a look at a few types of photography.

Across the borders

Travel photography is probably the most extensive form of photography, as a travel photographer documents the wide array of differences in existence in the world outside. From cultural to geographical, from aesthetic to environmental differences all over the world, travel photography is a vibrant outpouring of life in foreign lands and a celebration of cultural differences and the appreciation of the like.

A union of love

A photographer at a wedding is held accountable for capturing memories made on the bride and groom’s biggest and most beautiful day, so there’s no such thing as too many pictures at an occasion of this sort. Wedding photographer’s use creative lighting and fast lenses to capture each magical moment at its best.

A bundle of bliss

A new born baby is quite possibly the easiest of subjects to capture as it lies perfectly still and acts natural with an effortless grace. Newborn baby photography in Sydney is a very endearing form of the art, and resonates through every portrait. Some photographers may play on simplicity using earthy tones, while others choose to incorporate the parents of the child in the baby portraits, drawing on the intensity of the bond shared by mother, father and child.

Mono chrome

Black and white photography stands as a striking and stunning depiction of moments in real life. This form of photography is an expression of real raw beauty in all is glory and can be used to illustrate any subject be it photography of family portraits, city streets, newborn baby photography or even fashion photography. Black and white photography tends to amplify and highlight the contrast and shadows of a picture.

The animal kingdom

Wildlife photography takes on a life of its own, probably the most difficult form of the art as wildlife does not fall prey to a photographers’ command, it demands a lot from its photographer in the way of field expertise, a great sense of timing, making calculations of the correct angle and a whole lot of patience.