Photography is the art of capturing people and things in nature. A good photographer has the ability to capture the moments in a skilful manner. There are many types of this profession. Some are good at taking pictures of people and some are quite good at taking pictures of objects, landmarks and many other non-living things. Taking aerial pictures means that you fly above and take pictures of a wide angle scene. Many businesses are required of this type of a photography service. Property developers, leisure centers, golf clubs and many other theme parks require this service. If you are in to photography and decides to cater to this market and start a business, there are number of things to consider.
Have a proper pricing package
When you are in the business of taking aerial photography, there are two types. Either you fly above and take pictures or you do drone aerial photography in Real Estate. Either way you know exactly how much it costs you so it is better to have a fixed price for the services. Unlike other types of this business, you need to make sure you don’t randomly give prices to clients. It is easier for the both client and you if you keep a price list so that they can see what they are getting under each package. You can either bill hourly or as a packaged price.
Make sure you can fly a helicopter
If you are not doing drone aerial photography you need to take a helicopter to click aerial pictures. You may go with an experienced pilot, but it is wise to take some lessons in flying and also take lessons in flight safety. You also need to know the law related to flying above cities and crowded area. You need to make sure that you have clearance to do so if it is required for a client. It would be helpful if you have an idea of which button is for what in the controls and in case of an emergency you can take over. You don’t need to fly it but it is better to learn in case of an emergency.
Insure your business and the tools
When it comes to photography business, your tools costs more than anything. So it is better to have a good insurance coverage for your business. You may not have control over everything when taking pictures. For example your drone could be attacked by birds, it could be blown away in the wind or get stuck in a tree etc. You need to understand the importance of insurance.