We all know that telecommunication is one of the major factors in this current world. It is because our entire world is connected with this telecommunication. Earlier day’s people didn’t have this telecommunication facility, and they only had some communication methods such as letters, postcards and telegram etc. but now this situation is totally changed, and the reason for these changes is technological revolution. When we say telecommunication, it means the exchange of information by wire, cable, radio and electromagnetic system. Especially when we say telecommunication equipment, it means the hardware which people use to do this telecommunications. Also we can refer it as a communication device which helps people to share their information at any distance. When the telecommunication equipment have newly invented, it had so many defaults. For example big in the sizes, it gets heat soon, it consumes so mush of electrics and they are really expensive. That’s the reason why, few people only had this telecommunication hardware in earlier days, and so many people were not aware of such telecommunication devices. But now this situation has totally changes.

Nowadays people have more and enough telecommunication facilities. Actually now we can call our world has technological village because the size of the world has been reduced by this telecommunication. Earlier days to contact our relatives in another country we have to send them letter or we have to visit there in order communicate with them. But now we have this telecommunication equipment which helps us to contact and communicate with our friends and family. Especially by using the internet broadband we do live video chats with our loving one. This technological device simply reduces the gap between the countries.

When we say the telecommunication equipment, it includes telephone, mobile phones, fax, internet, email, computer, laptop and tablet etc. In our current world the use of this equipment are very high each and everyone have their own mobile phones. Especially the current trend is that people have a mobile broadband service which helps them to do whatever they want in their mobile phone. Actually we can include the entire world into our hands when we have a mobile phone with internet connection.

Moreover we have to appreciate that, most of the people in our current society are well aware and have well knowledge about the use of these telecommunication devices. Though it has so many benefits, sill there are some disadvantages such as it has so many side effects. Therefore people have to use these devices in an appropriate method.