When you are expecting a child there are many things to do before the bundle of joy arrives. Whether you are a first time mother or an experienced mother having another child is always a challenge. There are number of things to do to make sure you are prepared for the new born baby. Here are few things to consider when you are expecting.
Making memories of the pregnancyWhether you are a first time mother or second time mom making memories of the pregnancy is one of the best things that you can do. There are many photographers who are specialized in taking photographs of expecting mothers. You can select a maternity photographer package that would suit you or you can select a family photography package. Both of these will provide you with number of different services starting from taking the pictures of a specific month of pregnancy to taking pictures throughout the pregnancy and making a photo album. This way each and every pregnancy is cherished and you can see how much you have changed as well. You need to enjoy your pregnancy and not think of it as a burden or a task. More you enjoy it more you will find that it is a good thing. 
Prepare for the child’s arrivalYou need to think about the preparations for the child’s arrival. As much as selecting a family photography package or a maternity photographer package is important to you, you should also start preparing for the child. You need to consider where the child will sleep and if you are planning to have a separate bedroom for the baby you need to start painting and bringing in baby furniture. If you don’t know the gender of the baby yet or if you do not intend to find it out earlier you can pain the room in a very neutral color like yellow or off white. Furniture can also be very neutral colors like white or grey. It is very important you buy hypoallergenic pillows and mattresses for the baby. Buy plenty of pillow cases, blankets and other bedding that baby may need.
Buy baby clothingThis is very important to buy baby clothes before the baby arrives. Most parents wait till the baby arrives to know their gender and then buy suitable clothes. But it is very important that you buy clothes for the baby before the birth. Mostly because you need time to wash them and sanitize them. Also after the birth mother will be too tired to go clothes shopping. And babies need to be changed all the time hence it is important that you stock up on diapers and nappies. It is very important that mother also buys comfortable clothing and keep.