Getting your whole family in to one large picture is no easy task. It certainly takes up a lot of effort and communication to get everyone to pose for a single picture. In this busy lifestyle getting everyone together at one time can take a lot of planning and organizing. This is why most people take family pictures on festivals and special occasions. Gone are the days where families visit the local studios and gather for their picture to be taken. Now you simply hire a professional photographer to get the photography service done. Executing the perfect family photo session can be equally tiresome for the photographer as well. Hence this article will be a guide to prepare yourself before facing the shoot.

Color combinations among family members

The rule of thumb is to avoid family members be dressed in matching or similar clothing for family portraits in Perth. It’s best to go with not more than two or three color schemes and work the family members clothing around that.

The outfits should also be complimenting each other than be distraction for the entire family portrait. Do not wear any clothing which has logos or loud colors and patterns that might unnecessarily obstruct the final outcome of the picture. Dress to impress and flatter, hence its best to avoid wearing sleeveless, shorts and short skirts and make sure the clothing fits perfect to represent modesty.

Grooming before the shoot

Nobody wants to look bad in photos. Therefore experts’ advice to get a haircut at least two-three weeks prior to the photo shoot in case you are not happy with the current hair do. Same as a haircut, you are required to complete wardrobe shopping two weeks prior and make sure the clothing complements yourself. For ladies, practice applying make-up elegantly or hire a professional at least two weeks before the date of the photo shoot. Ladies need to make sure to match the make up with the skin tone to avoid looking sun burned or off color in the pictures. Be sure to wear shoes that you can easily walk in and stays comfortable for a period of time at least since photo session normally take time for completion. It is not necessary for ladies to be dressed in high heels, but you certainly have to avoid dirty old sneakers and shoes with obvious large logos.

Things to take

Be sure to have wet wipes on reach to rectify the unexpected make up smudges or any other unexpected spills.