The months between your engagement and your wedding can be very exciting and at the same time can be extremely tiresome. In those short few months, you will have so much to do and this can be a little daunting however, it is important to keep in mind that these months that you spend planning your wedding day are some of the most precious moments that you will ever have and one day you will look back and wish you could go back to these precious days. Therefore, it is important that you cherish every minute that you spend planning out your wedding day. One of the aspects that most brides and grooms find stressful is finding out the cost of a wedding. Sadly, weddings have become extremely commercialized in this day and age therefore everything involved with weddings may cost a lot more money than you can afford. However, if you apply a few tips and tricks you will find that you can still have the perfect wedding day without having to break the bank. 

Ways to save money

It would be useful for you to spend some time doing research on budget wedding ideas on the internet. As you are not the first bride to face the same problem, you will find many amazing ideas on the internet that will help you to plan out an amazing day at a very low cost. One of the first things that you will need to start doing is looking out for an affordable wedding videographer and photographer. Although it is important to keep things on a tight budget, it is important that you do not try to save too much money on your photographer because your photographer and videographer will play a very important role in capturing those most precious memories of your wedding day.

In addition to your affordable wedding videographer in Brisbane, it would be a great idea to have your guests take pictures and videos of your wedding and upload them to a pre-created event page that you have created on social media for this purpose. This way you will be able to see some amazing pictures of your wedding that even your photographer may have missed.

The perfect dress

One of the most important aspects of the wedding to a bride is finding the perfect dress. However wedding dresses can cost a lot of money and therefore a very creative way of saving money on your wedding planning is to look for a perfect dress that is not necessarily a wedding dress. You can visit a number of evening gown stores and look for a dress that is not meant for a wedding day but is still stunning and beautiful.