Almost all of us are indirectly big fans of online videos unless the videos are of poor and bad quality then it simply becomes an annoyance. The creation of web videos is a smart move in gaining the needed exposure and reaching out to many individuals around the world. So how do they do it? If this is your maiden venture into the world of viral videos this article will be your guide in getting the kick start you need.

Things you will need

Camera – If you are running on a budget the most feasible option is a webcam. It surely is not the best of quality but it can produce a decent recording. You could use this as training video production just to get the hang of things and confidently move to professional cameras such as the DSLR. DSLR cameras are great in quality but expensive in price to be purchased.

Nevertheless many of the training video production are trained with professional cameras from the start. The next suitable and versatile option would be the smart phone. Since there is a variety of smart phones in the market, make sure you do the correct research in finding out which would be ideal for your need. Visit this link for more details on training video production in Melbourne.

Lightings – The best kind of lighting is the natural lighting that will balance of evenly in terms of camera quality. In case when you do not have much natural lighting you can invest in lighting kits that are much suitable when you need to obtain great quality videos. An important factor that you need to keep in mind is that, in the instance of depending on the camera quality for lighting by increasing the exposure will only result you in an increase of “noise” which will greatly bring down the quality of the video.

Microphone – It’s crucial to understand that any video with poor quality audio is regarded as a bad video. The most common option would be to use a lapel microphone. A great option would be to use a shot gun microphone as there would be no microphone in the video and also provides great sound quality. However it doesn’t come cheap in price. If all else fails you can simply use the digital recorder that is in built in all most all of the smart phone devices.

Important recording tips

Videos are a great way in capturing emotions, therefore it is important that you do not show any camera shy or fear when filming. It’s important to relax yourself before you commence the recording sessions. Have a pleasant smile during the shoot and same time make sure you do not over do it.